Luxury Villa Renting In Lucca

You are Looking a Luxury Villa for Rent in Lucca?

Tuscany Northwest Lucca, 19 m from the sea level, between the banks in general on the left bank of Sercio 18 km to the northeast (south) Plateau Pizzorno (North Korea) and San Serum, which means Serra San different places.
The municipality can achieve, at least, at least three meters s.l.m. 1, 950 meters s.l.m. Height 949 meters s.l.m. In Tosco impression – Emilia Apennines mountain range, this is called the Pizzorno platform (s.l.m. the maximum height of 1081 m)

The city, common areas and poplar tips, grapes, olive trees, including the liberation from oaks, coniferous trees are planted in scattered mountain deciduous trees, coniferous trees and the type of oak. Recently, based on the survival and olive fertile cycle, the average height of 500 m allows the climate s.l.m. Discover Luxury Villa for Rent in Lucca and Tuscany and book your dream. According to the Ligurian village, some historians, was founded in the same year, and others in the 6th century, 180 BC. Has developed the origin of the Etruscan and Roman city of Lucca was the capital of the principality of Tuscia Lombard, then local government, then I believe that the development of Africa at 12. Century.