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Why rent a luxury villa in Lucca


While the Paleolithic life of Lucca was founded by the Etruscans (there are traces of Liguria up to the agreement and a Roman colony in 180 BC .. His name is probably due to the Ligurian Celtic (used), and the value of “malaria . “History Center network retains the Roman street plan, and some of the old Forum Plaza 89 de Tucuman was a Roman municipality 56. Lucca Zhyul Sezar, Crassus and Pompey met well.

Republic Lucca

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After the death of the famous Matilda of Tuscany, with a charter in 1160. The city is about 500 years old, began to become independent, Lucca was an independent republic. Between Liguria and Tuscany dominated by the Malaspina, north and south of the enemy were very small. Tuscany at that time was a part of feudal Europe. The Dante’s Divine Comedy feudal family of the administrative and judicial power in the courts was great, with many references. Dante spent some time in exile in Lucca. Are you interested in a trip to Tuscany. Discover Luxury Villa for Rent in Lucca and Tuscany and book your dream. Italian model change in 1314 Uguccione Faggiola Luka master to become a product, but Lucchesi two years after the boycott, and your city, to transmit the leader Castruccio Castracani, the tyranny of the hero in Italy, while the administration of the development of competing State of Florence in 1328 until his death 22 September 23, 1325 in Altopascio War, with many of the prisoners to return to Florence Guelfi, she Duke of Lucca, was nominated by Louis IV of Bavaria.

Luka seeks an end to the schism in the papacy in 1408 there was a call. John Gherardino Spinola King of Bohemia taken Baviera Louis army seized the town was sold to a rich Genoese. Vienna Martino Della Scala in Florence sold Rossi promises Parma especially to Charles IV symbolic Pisani issued and Minister Luca government (democracy and oligarchy in 1628 before later) to organize independent, Venice, Genoa and the French Revolution (Encyclopedia Britannica, 1911 ) for the word Libertas on its banner, he is also present.

Dark Age

Odoacer elimination of 553 countries Lombardy Lucca for three months, and the attitude of your money Narses defeated Duke, a large city in time and energy. Silk Market, is known to compete with the Byzantine silk, S starting XI made. In the X and XI Lucca in Tuscany, more or less, it was the capital of the Holy Roman Empire Margravate independiento help symbolic truth.

Duchy Estate and Lucca

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Lucca is one of the largest Italian republican constitution ( “core”) to the city government (of course, near Venice) to remain independent over the centuries has been. In 1805, Napoleon Bonaparte’s sister Elisa Baciocchi answers “Pymbynv Luke and Princess.” 1815 Tuscany in 1847, after the last area of ​​Bourbon-Parma and return at the end of the Italian government. Oksford Lukki, with a good pair of English city of Abingdon.

Culture and Monuments

unusual cities in the region, the city walls, to develop and young people remains unchanged. detailed walls lost their military importance, because they have many years of the twentieth century on the racing car is used by some of the oldest streets in the city. They remain intact today; each of the four main parties in accordance with a variety of trees. Lucca composer Dzhakomo Puchchini, Geminiani, and the house Luigi Catalani Bvkryny. Old Town your photos, manuscripts, original Puchchini Dzhakomo Puccini museum on the life and work of the booklet can visit the museum. Torre del Lago Puccini Opera Festival City, because Puccini had a house there every year takes place in the name of Julio Agosto.
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